How to Make Money from Paid Online Surveys

Well what if you get to know you can make some money even when you are on vacation or when you are travelling or even when you are eating food or just watching TV?

Sounds crazy? Well then we are here to inform you that this is truth! Hard to believe or too good to sound real?

Well online paid surveys are one of the easiest ways to earn money and you can do so too! All you need is a good internet connection and this article. Well here this article will guide you how to go about filling some online paid surveys and earning some extra slice of money. Giving your opinions does give money but only in the correct place.

Let’s begin with clearing your doubts that.


Why these websites will pay you to fill a survey? 

To cut the chase and tell you the answer these websites are basically a link between the big shot companies and the consumers who do market research on behalf of the companies and give a good report on Research and development of the company and they get paid for this out of which they pay you some share to fill the survey so basically it is a win- win situation for you both.

Online paid surveys are a very good way to earn some extra money and it doesn’t even require investment. All you need to do is sign up for some authenticated websites and start filling surveys. The only trap over here is how you know whether the website is authenticated or no.

There are many websites that fake promise you and never pay you back or there are even chances that they may misuse their personal details like contact and email address details so you have to take precautionary measures and make sure you apply for the good authenticated websites only.

How do you know the authenticated websites?

Well the simplest way to do this is to choose your list of websites only from the best list of websites. You can any day apply for only those surveys which pay the highest and are good enough.


How do they pay?

Online paid surveys are easy way to earn money so the payment will be less only. No websites pay you more then 5 dollar a survey. Some even pay less and some choose to give you points instead and make you even give freebies if not monetary rewards and some give gift vouchers.

But the threshold for every website is different, some will allow you to redeem the amount only when you completed about 20 dollars of survey or you have crossed the certain required limit  of points to redeem your money.

When you cross the threshold and try to redeem the money this will be directly going to your pay pal account for which you have to sign up for this pay pal and then later you can transfer it to your account.

But If it is freebies then they directly send it to your home address, now there are some good websites like Toluna who even give freebies with monetary reward.

How can you earn maximum from surveys?

Well now once you have gone through the websites and checked the money you get for one survey is less, but still and easy way to earn money. so how do you make maximum money from it? Simple first thing is you have to create a separate gmail account for applying for surveys to avoid any confusion.

Secondly there are websites which do not allow you to fill more then one survey a day so all you have to do is register to at least 10 survey websites and then fill survey of every websites this is how on the day when you finally complete and are allowed to redeem u get income from all 10 instead of one which may be around 200 dollars maximum. So good enough?  Or you can subscribe for our membership and get done with it one go instead of solely going on different websites.

What will you get from our membership?

Well everyone must be wondering why access to a website and pay money to us and then sign up for  survey websites, we provide you not only with top paid surveys but also also  good set of instructions of how to work and fill the surveys.

Many a times you get rejected for the survey and that is because as soon as you fill the details and if it does not matches the survey topic you are rejected as you are not the target audience of the survey so why will they pay you, target audience is the person who fits in the survey and has experienced the product or service at some point of time or will be needing it soon.

Why is the membership not free?

Membership is not free mainly caused of two reasons, one the surveys we will be providing will be refined and will have higher payment comparatively and will give you an opportunity to earn more money in lesser time.

To provide you with quality service we have even employed people so the membership is not free and according to human tendency  when you pay for something only then you value and till strategy will even motivate you to participate in more survey and earn more money.

We even have different membership packages which will vary according to the duration and price so now it is your call if you want to sing up or no, as the deal we give is exclusive and surely works in your favor and this membership will not be a loss but a profit and even a cake walk for you to earn some smart money in your free time instead of wasting time on multiple websites and gaining absolutely nothing!

So I hope I answered all your questions and you choose the smart thing.

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