Best Ways to make money while you are asleep

Everyone wants to make some extra slice of money either for good living or for their pocket money, but laziness is drooling all over us, what do we do? Can we still make money? Well to be honest nothing is impossible! You can still make a good amount of money without any hassle!  This article will give you tips and how to go about the earning money when you are asleep, lazy or exhausted! I think we should all try to make our time as valuable as time is a precious resource and here we will tell you what you exactly do to make money.


Be a middle man

Tricky? Well being a middle man is something of zero risk and zero investment, Amazon affiliation is the best example of it, one can any day got for affiliate marketing! One u run a website and get affiliated with other e commerce websites, come what may whatever you will be doing you will still make your share of money if anyone purchases via your link from Amazon. So even when you are sleeping you still earn money from affiliate marketing being the link between the Amazon portal and the consumers.


Investment is a lot of risk and a lot of money, smartest way to make money is rotating it in different things. Someone so wisely said money makes money and so does investment, it is one of the best ways to make money. Look at your what your needs are and try to match them and assess them with every other company and make sure that they ful filll all your needs and then invest them wisely.

This investment will surely give you fruits even when you are not productive and doing your own work quietly.

Investments are the best way of money but they packed by high level of risk too!



Royalties is a very easy way to earn money but you have to do a lot of work before you start earning money via royalties, if you are a good musician or artist people copy you and make money for royalties and if you feel you should go for this, you can sign up to royalty exchange websites and you will come to know where you can buy as well sell royalties.

Flipping your website

If you have built a lot of websites and you want to sell it now then you can do it and earn money via selling your website, just like you add your profile on flippa and then make money via selling your blog websites.

It is a good way to earn money.

Start a blog/ you tube videos

one of the most trendy ways nowadays which youths are going for is a blog or you tube videos one can definitely go for it if you are creative and have a good interest in these things.

The best thing is once you put up a article or a video on your website or you tube channel it is there forever until and unless you delete it and you can still earn money on the things posted years ago.

One thing you need is to make a good amount of traffic on your blog and channel. After that is done you need not worry about being productive and updating the blog and channel every now and then. You have to just apply for Google Adsense or one can even go for and then earn money via advertisements on their blogs and channels. You surely do not earn penny’s. Some people collect the money of their living via this source! It is really productive and you can go for it.


Sell E books

We all have some good knowledge in some or the other topics than why not share it with others?  Well you can surely make it an e Book and then sell it to all the needy people your information, many people are doing this and earning a bomb.

E books are the most in things nowadays and everyone go for it if they feel the information is valuable and in budget to go for. So you make your expertise into your profession without even investing anything but knowledge.

Selling e books online is now become a profession if you feel you are good enough then surely go for it.

Rent out property

If you have a lot of property which you are not using then this is a good way of earning money from your unused things and land. You rent it to people and earn money, many people rent their land and earn monthly money, but now you can even rent your car and your music systems of dslr camera for a week or so and then earn money for it, so you basically earn money giving your things on rent when they are not productive for you. Isn’t it the smart way to earn money? Well this is something anyone would go for if they want to make at least their small good amount of incomes. But you cannot make this income as your cost of living.

This is  all about how can one make money without any trouble, one need not even be productive while they want to make money from the above mentioned things.

Making money is now become easy if you are smart and if you are trying to match your needs with the trends.

Final Words

Trending things give you a lot of income you have to just match with the change in environment and make sure that you are not doing anything illegal other than that all sorts of talent are now being accepted and even appreciated if you are  good enough in the work.

So say good bye to all the no money cause of lazy days! You can even make money when you sleep but you have to just pre prepare yourself for it and be smart!

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