How to Earn Money Online Without Going for Surveys

Everyone wants to earn some simple money doing different type of activities online, but the question is how? Well earning some extra money was never a harm and was only benefit until now, earning extra money is become a necessity as the cost of living is only rising day by day.

Well everyone has to make sure that whatever activities they are indulging in are legal and authenticated, legal activities are to avoid any government issues and by authenticated I mean are the sources you are trying to make money really give you back your income as there are many online websites that fake promise people and never pay them back!

So how do you know what exactly has to be done for earning this extra money?


Well there are many online activities you can go for and earn money online, everyone is aware of online paid surveys, easy way to make money but the only drawback is they do not pay you good it is always penny or a voucher or gift cards.

So what other than online paid surveys?

Well this article will tell you how to earn money online without signing in for online paid surveys.

  1. Freelance writing – many people do not know about this field but freelance writing is the most trendy work to do be done from your comfort zone and you won’t even get penny’s.

Freelance writing is just like content writing, where you write about various topics that interest you. The only work to be done is you have to find out the topics that interest you and use proper grammar and creativity.

The utmost important thing is you need to have proper interest in writing without that you cannot produce good articles and will fail in this work.

You need not run your own website and blog there for this, but you surely need to have a portfolio online and a resume to be recognized.

Free lance writing websites are available too! You can even apply there and make a bomb; some people make this as their career as these websites pay too well!


Here is the list of those websites

  1. International Living – everyone wonders what it will be to write for international lifestyle and living , well to give your knowledge an exposure international living gives an opportunity to all the young writers who wish to write about it.

They pay you about 200 dollars for a article, but don’t assume it to be easy, the quality of the article should be very high and one should make sure there are no grammar and typo mistakes, they will pay you only when the article is accepted by them until then your article will be like a draft. But still a good opportunity to work and earn money

  1. Listverse – if you want to get paid soon and listverse pays you 100 dollars for a article and the total count of the articles must 1500 words at least for them to accept your post, the article has to be very creative for you to get it accepted.
  1. Iwriter – A very good website for one to write for as the topics mentioned here are very simple and good and one can definitely go for it without thinking much, the iwriter pays you only 15 dollars for your article and the chances of your post getting accepted is very high, one does not have to stress much in their writing skills for this website.
  1. Matador Network – one more brilliant website to write for is this, Matador network pays you about 800 dollars for a accepted post but they only do it when the post gets about 50, 000 reviews and this is a bit of a difficult task but once you get done with it you will be rewarded with a good amount.
  1. Selling online – well this doesn’t mean that you have to literally sell things online just like flip kart and Amazon you need not be so big players to earn money, you can even do it on small scale basis.
  1. Olx -Just like if you have any of your unwanted stuff you can sell it on olx , it is not necessary that the things you don’t need are waste for others it can be productive and useful for others.
  1. Amazon – you can definitely be an Amazon seller of your products, heard about FBA ( fulfilled by Amazon) where you can ship your products to amazon and when they sell it online they will give you your money .
  1. Ebay – why not ebay? When you can run your own store on ebay? Well many do not know about this though! But you can  really run your own ebay store and sell all your products online, if you want ebay can even handle your inventory so basically you have to just get connected and get started!
  1. Signing in for work from home companies – one can even signup for work from home companies which offer you data entry jobs and other work, so you basically work from home and submit your work accordingly.

The benefit of the work is not only work from home but you can also choose to work either part time or full time.

Working part time or full time Is in your hand and you can apply for all of these websites listed below if you are interested to work for them

  1. Crowd source.
  2. Demand Studious.
  3. Fast chart.
  4. Leap force.
  5. Liveops.
  6. Speak write.

Now I guess you have got plenty of options to work online in your comfort zone and earn some extra money easily, you have to just try going up for one of these above mentioned job types. Earning money is easy, there are even plenty of options you can go for other than signing up for online paid surveys, so you should definitely go for it they are even authenticated!

Best Ways to make money while you are asleep

Everyone wants to make some extra slice of money either for good living or for their pocket money, but laziness is drooling all over us, what do we do? Can we still make money? Well to be honest nothing is impossible! You can still make a good amount of money without any hassle!  This article will give you tips and how to go about the earning money when you are asleep, lazy or exhausted! I think we should all try to make our time as valuable as time is a precious resource and here we will tell you what you exactly do to make money.


Be a middle man

Tricky? Well being a middle man is something of zero risk and zero investment, Amazon affiliation is the best example of it, one can any day got for affiliate marketing! One u run a website and get affiliated with other e commerce websites, come what may whatever you will be doing you will still make your share of money if anyone purchases via your link from Amazon. So even when you are sleeping you still earn money from affiliate marketing being the link between the Amazon portal and the consumers.


Investment is a lot of risk and a lot of money, smartest way to make money is rotating it in different things. Someone so wisely said money makes money and so does investment, it is one of the best ways to make money. Look at your what your needs are and try to match them and assess them with every other company and make sure that they ful filll all your needs and then invest them wisely.

This investment will surely give you fruits even when you are not productive and doing your own work quietly.

Investments are the best way of money but they packed by high level of risk too!



Royalties is a very easy way to earn money but you have to do a lot of work before you start earning money via royalties, if you are a good musician or artist people copy you and make money for royalties and if you feel you should go for this, you can sign up to royalty exchange websites and you will come to know where you can buy as well sell royalties.

Flipping your website

If you have built a lot of websites and you want to sell it now then you can do it and earn money via selling your website, just like you add your profile on flippa and then make money via selling your blog websites.

It is a good way to earn money.

Start a blog/ you tube videos

one of the most trendy ways nowadays which youths are going for is a blog or you tube videos one can definitely go for it if you are creative and have a good interest in these things.

The best thing is once you put up a article or a video on your website or you tube channel it is there forever until and unless you delete it and you can still earn money on the things posted years ago.

One thing you need is to make a good amount of traffic on your blog and channel. After that is done you need not worry about being productive and updating the blog and channel every now and then. You have to just apply for Google Adsense or one can even go for and then earn money via advertisements on their blogs and channels. You surely do not earn penny’s. Some people collect the money of their living via this source! It is really productive and you can go for it.


Sell E books

We all have some good knowledge in some or the other topics than why not share it with others?  Well you can surely make it an e Book and then sell it to all the needy people your information, many people are doing this and earning a bomb.

E books are the most in things nowadays and everyone go for it if they feel the information is valuable and in budget to go for. So you make your expertise into your profession without even investing anything but knowledge.

Selling e books online is now become a profession if you feel you are good enough then surely go for it.

Rent out property

If you have a lot of property which you are not using then this is a good way of earning money from your unused things and land. You rent it to people and earn money, many people rent their land and earn monthly money, but now you can even rent your car and your music systems of dslr camera for a week or so and then earn money for it, so you basically earn money giving your things on rent when they are not productive for you. Isn’t it the smart way to earn money? Well this is something anyone would go for if they want to make at least their small good amount of incomes. But you cannot make this income as your cost of living.

This is  all about how can one make money without any trouble, one need not even be productive while they want to make money from the above mentioned things.

Making money is now become easy if you are smart and if you are trying to match your needs with the trends.

Final Words

Trending things give you a lot of income you have to just match with the change in environment and make sure that you are not doing anything illegal other than that all sorts of talent are now being accepted and even appreciated if you are  good enough in the work.

So say good bye to all the no money cause of lazy days! You can even make money when you sleep but you have to just pre prepare yourself for it and be smart!

How to Make Money with Auto Pilot on Auto Responders

Everyone can make a good slice of money if they have decent skills and knowledge about internet, you can do it too! If you read this article and understand it in a proper way then this may even turn out to be life changing for you.

Even though you are new to this concept then doing not worry we will guide you about how to make money using auto pilot on auto responders.

Well this is very simple and a very smart way to earn money using the internet, what do this auto responder exactly does? But let’s start by knowing about what do you need for these auto responders, all you need is a blogging website or a website which has some valuable information or e-books or things which will be valuable and get updated every now and then and this will benefit people.


What is auto responder?

Auto responder is basically a piece of software which one can use and you can automatically send emails to all your subscribers, they are into functioning ever since 10 years and they are well to known among the people and the reason is cause they are helping people to make money and especially people who earn money on internet are using it for sure.

People like getting mails and according to a report they are able to express even more better when via mails. So you can gauge a large number of audiences in this mean, auto senders automatically sends emails to all those who have subscribed to your website.


And then you receive your money via cheque’s and they are always on time so you need not worry about the payment. So you basically get the opportunity to promote whatever you want and earn money, because auto senders are doing their work and earning money for you.

We can even provide you with best offers and companies to earn a lot of money from auto senders.

And we even provide with guides that give you an outline of how to write in for auto senders.

The good part of the work is you do not have to pitch the people individually the auto sender does your work on its own and neither it is on call.

It even works on Auto pilot; we will guide you about how to build a list of subscribers, maybe 10 thousand or even more.

Once if you do this then you make a lot of money anyways without even doing much work.

What do you exactly need in for This?

  1. All you need to do Is sign up for auto sender.
  2. Get started with the company and open an account with the company  and then get into promotions, we will guide you about which company to go for.
  3. The next step is to step up your auto sender and then you need to squeeze page.
  4. Now you have to choose places and methods for getting a good number of subscribers and we can even guide you with this.
  5. After all of this work you have to just sit and wait for your check to come in your mail box cause your auto senders are already working for you and you do not need to do any other work as well.

You will basically get everything you always wanted in your online business store, some times people end up working for this as their means of bread!

Cause the amount that you get is too high and satisfying for you to get enough  money and you need not even work for full time job, but if you still wish to you can go for it without any problem cause this activity is not a time consuming activity and works like an one time investment.

Advantages of this –

  1. List of places you would require to build your own list of subscribers.
  2. How to treat your subscribers nicely to make them buy things from you.
  3. You will be benefited with a place to manage your squeeze pages and will get trained even in how to build an effective squeeze page.
  4. You will get the tactics to build a good number of subscribers and keep increasing them time and time again.
  5. You will get the contacts of over 12 thousand companies to partner with and work with, so that you can make money and more of money.
  6. You will get financial gain and even you do it in your free time or from your own comfort zone of work.

This good offer is only for limited time and one must not lose the opportunity of making more money with this, so get started and get going. Buy the auto senders today itself and start earning money by just spending few good hours of your day and rest of the work this auto senders will be doing for you.

This bonus is worth it! And this course will provide you with a lot of work and you do not even spend much of your time and energy resources to make money via this means.

I honestly feel that this is the best work from home opportunity, it not only gives you a good hand with technical and writing help but help you to connect with around 12 thousand companies and even give you a hand to make a back list of 10 thousand and counting subscribers which is incredibly a good offer! And you should not let it go, it is a very new thing that has come up which makes it even more desirable as the demand is less the supply is more that means that the income you may get will be even higher, so you can definitely go for it and there is nothing to worry about it.

The fees I only 39 dollars and you can recover it within a couple of hours working on the auto sender.

I hope the article has given you all the required information and will surely benefit you.

How to Make Money from Paid Online Surveys

Well what if you get to know you can make some money even when you are on vacation or when you are travelling or even when you are eating food or just watching TV?

Sounds crazy? Well then we are here to inform you that this is truth! Hard to believe or too good to sound real?

Well online paid surveys are one of the easiest ways to earn money and you can do so too! All you need is a good internet connection and this article. Well here this article will guide you how to go about filling some online paid surveys and earning some extra slice of money. Giving your opinions does give money but only in the correct place.

Let’s begin with clearing your doubts that.


Why these websites will pay you to fill a survey? 

To cut the chase and tell you the answer these websites are basically a link between the big shot companies and the consumers who do market research on behalf of the companies and give a good report on Research and development of the company and they get paid for this out of which they pay you some share to fill the survey so basically it is a win- win situation for you both.

Online paid surveys are a very good way to earn some extra money and it doesn’t even require investment. All you need to do is sign up for some authenticated websites and start filling surveys. The only trap over here is how you know whether the website is authenticated or no.

There are many websites that fake promise you and never pay you back or there are even chances that they may misuse their personal details like contact and email address details so you have to take precautionary measures and make sure you apply for the good authenticated websites only.

How do you know the authenticated websites?

Well the simplest way to do this is to choose your list of websites only from the best list of websites. You can any day apply for only those surveys which pay the highest and are good enough.


How do they pay?

Online paid surveys are easy way to earn money so the payment will be less only. No websites pay you more then 5 dollar a survey. Some even pay less and some choose to give you points instead and make you even give freebies if not monetary rewards and some give gift vouchers.

But the threshold for every website is different, some will allow you to redeem the amount only when you completed about 20 dollars of survey or you have crossed the certain required limit  of points to redeem your money.

When you cross the threshold and try to redeem the money this will be directly going to your pay pal account for which you have to sign up for this pay pal and then later you can transfer it to your account.

But If it is freebies then they directly send it to your home address, now there are some good websites like Toluna who even give freebies with monetary reward.

How can you earn maximum from surveys?

Well now once you have gone through the websites and checked the money you get for one survey is less, but still and easy way to earn money. so how do you make maximum money from it? Simple first thing is you have to create a separate gmail account for applying for surveys to avoid any confusion.

Secondly there are websites which do not allow you to fill more then one survey a day so all you have to do is register to at least 10 survey websites and then fill survey of every websites this is how on the day when you finally complete and are allowed to redeem u get income from all 10 instead of one which may be around 200 dollars maximum. So good enough?  Or you can subscribe for our membership and get done with it one go instead of solely going on different websites.

What will you get from our membership?

Well everyone must be wondering why access to a website and pay money to us and then sign up for  survey websites, we provide you not only with top paid surveys but also also  good set of instructions of how to work and fill the surveys.

Many a times you get rejected for the survey and that is because as soon as you fill the details and if it does not matches the survey topic you are rejected as you are not the target audience of the survey so why will they pay you, target audience is the person who fits in the survey and has experienced the product or service at some point of time or will be needing it soon.

Why is the membership not free?

Membership is not free mainly caused of two reasons, one the surveys we will be providing will be refined and will have higher payment comparatively and will give you an opportunity to earn more money in lesser time.

To provide you with quality service we have even employed people so the membership is not free and according to human tendency  when you pay for something only then you value and till strategy will even motivate you to participate in more survey and earn more money.

We even have different membership packages which will vary according to the duration and price so now it is your call if you want to sing up or no, as the deal we give is exclusive and surely works in your favor and this membership will not be a loss but a profit and even a cake walk for you to earn some smart money in your free time instead of wasting time on multiple websites and gaining absolutely nothing!

So I hope I answered all your questions and you choose the smart thing.

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